Communication is like a mosaic
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Every day your company, employees, clients and you form tiles of messages online, in person, via phone mail, in meetings, and interviews leaving a pattern of tiles forming a Mosaic

In many cases an unplanned one.

To get a communication mosaic to achieve your objectives, you need to identify them.

Then research,analyse, plan, prepare, adjust, execute flexibly and thoroughly.

Then analyse again.

Without research, analysis to identify positioning, brand id ,and client's wishes.

You can miss the mark, make the wrong image, Communicate the wrong message, and end up with a mosaic which isn’t the picture you imagined or wanted.

Why not prepare your wall properly for your tiles first

  • What is your
    big picture
  • Does it achieve your
    business objectives
  • Does it match your
    clients needs
    help you win sales
    leads or place
    your opinion as the
  • Does your corporate
    plan include these
    marketing objectives
    and the picture
  • How do you know
    the objectives and
    picture are correct
  • Have you analysed
    your position
    brand wise in the
    market, where do
    you sit
  • What do clients
    really think of your
    brand, and doing
    business with you
  • Do you stand out
    from the crowd,
    are you different
    for the right

    Is it working?